I personally accompanied three talented photographers when they conducted a Basic Photography Workshop for Lalloquenos recently. While I will be sharing more about this 3 plus 1 day event in the coming weeks, I can’t help but give you a preview of the Kalinga Tribal wedding held in Barangay San Marcos, Lal-lo, Cagayan North.

Sharing with you photos taken by Master Photographers,  award winner Chito Cleofas, Time Magazine cover photographer Edwin Tuyay, Philippine Center for Creative imaging (PCCI) instructor and wedding photographer Richel Mascarinas.

This is where the ceremony as well as the feasting took place that afternoon.

2016-06-16 17.12.55

The venue was prepped!


Here was the groom before he left for the weddingDSCF9587

And he leaves with his parents and other relatives


The bride was also ready to leave her house to go to the ceremony


Of course, the whole tribe was jubilant. Some were helping with the food preps…




The elders and relatives were all ears during the ceremony


untitled-00716-2 untitled-01396-2

Gifts were presented



More pledges were received and collected by the leader-elder


Parents came up with mutual, harmonious agreements


No smoking here, but nga-nga is allowed






The bride in pensive mood


And these women were enjoying the moment too


And now, entertainment is tendered, lead by the groom and his friends


However, it was cut when the elder-leader had to announce the total amount which the couple have been gifted. Its one hundred thousand pesos for this newly wedded couple!


A ritual for fertility. Increase the tribe!


While tribe members were cooking, this guy offered buco, freshly picked from a tree nearby

2016-06-16 17.31.08

Kankanen, or native delicacy for everyone


Freshly brewed kape


Indeed the look of love!


The couple danced!



Oh, how endearing is this shot!

chito joyful

Picture with the parents

Now here is the forever photography student, Bangs Zaldivar, yup, that’s me… as captured by Edwin Tuyay while documenting the event in video.

The reason why I was trailing after this woman was because I saw her doing a ritual. View it at EventsWithBangsTV page of this site. New videos come every Tuesday. Make it a habit…Tuesday Video, okay.

Back to the wedding, here are the happy relatives of the couple in full color


I sincerely thank my sister, Board Member Maria Olivia B. Pascual, for arranging this for the group. This Kalinga Tribe wedding re-enactment was an extraordinary experience for me, and mind you, even for the participants from Lal-lo.

Today, I look back to the experience in full appreciation of the kind of people this tribe is made of, specially the groom. Many youngsters his age will easily succumb to the dictates of the modern world: what to eat, how to have fun, what to wear, who to respect, the standards of beauty, how to party, and yes, even how to get married! But there he was, not just confidently going through the ritual, but doing it with pride. No hesitation, no denials, no qualms. 

I believe that each of us must be like him. We must embrace our culture, and exert effort to preserve our traditions without being left out in this rapidly moving society. I support uniqueness. I support the confidence and sense of pride that this man exhibited. I support the preservation of tribal practices. Most of all, I wish for these practices to be made known by people from different places, not just for cultural appreciation but for respect of their individuality.

What about you, what tribes have you had the joy of experiencing? Tell me about it. Comment below.

In Gratitude and With Joy,


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