I am blessed to have dynamism in my life – career!

Never a dull moment!

I do not only plan unique, interactive, fun events that meet companies’ or celebrators’ objectives, I also get to write about them here in my blog. Not only do I do them in posh Manila venues. but I also go away from the city.

Here, take a look at what I did after the workshop which I was working on then.


The park doves were being fed then, so I took the opportunity to play with them, and Master Photographer Richel Mascarinas was ready with his camera.


Oh what fun it was!


I was driving them away. I wanted them to fly but I think they loved being with me.


Ohhh but the feeds were all around me, so it might be why they did not fly, no matter how much I drove them away.

Back to my message now…

My travels make me fat.

Look why:

Lake Sebu's cabbage wrapped tilapia

Cabbage wrapped tilapia in Lake Sebu

Crispy Frog

Tukak, crispy fried


Cassava With Coconut Milk for Dessert

Cassava cooked in Coconut Milk

Buco Drink

Fresh young Coconut Drink

Muscovado dip for boiled fruits

Muscovado to sweeten boiled fruits

Boiled Saba to dip in muscovado

Boiled Saging Na Saba


Fresh Bananas

2016-06-13 20.55.36


2016-06-13 16.26.05


2016-05-25 12.37.54

Solo Papaya
































































2016-05-21 13.34.12


2016-05-21 13.34.15

Lumpiang Shanghai, Lots of Rice, Fresh Seafood Salad and Fish


2016-05-23 13.22.23

Pomelo Mango & Nut Salad


2016-05-23 13.30.16











































I tried to eat more of the good/healthy stuff, but a lot of times, I simply ate too much. I’m only human. Lord, I confess. I have my weak moments. But why, oh why, am I weak when food is in front of me?


2016-05-23 13.30.21

Crispy Tuna










I am not bothered by my curves (in the wrong places) which are bigger than most of the fit women in Curves, the club where I work out. I am bothered because my doctor just prescribed to me a cholesterol med. Why???? Not even my Mom took that when she was my age! But I must obey. So here I am again in my Fitness Journey.

Here is what I can commit myself, beginning this minute:

  1. DRINK WATER ONLY. nothing sweet (except that I am naturally sweet!!!).
  2. LAY DOWN MY UTENSILS in between bites
  3. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR + HONEY in warm water, upon waking up in the morning.
  4. M-W-F CURVES Eastwood for 30 minuts
  5. SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS, jogging / brisk walking with #myking
  6. 3 CUPS OF VEGGIES per day
  7. JUICING with my Matstone slow juicer
  9. NO RICE for 1 meal a day
  10. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY every 8:30pm, dance, weights, etc.

PARA SA (AKING) PAGBABAGO, I am targeting to loose 2 lbs this week.

I will be reporting my journey. Please look after me so I will not get into temptation. SO HELP ME GOD!

With Gratitude and In Joy,