I was feeling the heat of summer one Sunday noon while dressing up for Sunday mass. So I brought out a Uniqlo shirt which I got from its Eastwood branch recently and a palazzo pants which I got from Greenhills two years ago. Its lime green and aqua blue. The colors alone already reminded me of Romblon’s beaches. I felt cooler. The fabrics do not cling to my body.

Then I thought of using my new Sakroots bag so that it may be blessed as we were going to mass. My Lola Tilde used to tell me that if I have something new to wear, I should wear it to church first so it may be blessed. I have tried to follow this ever since. Its a very Ilokano practice.

I then remembered the bracelets which I got from a regional fair at SM MegaMall. I got 5 pieces so I layered them on both my wrists. I felt that they were all happy to come along. I left no piece behind.

I was almost done dressing when I heard a tiny wail from my ring box. This yellow kid kind of ring asserted itself and said it had to be part of the whole look. How can I turn down a modern piece like it! It went well with my nail polish, which I must admit was not picture worthy anymore. They were beginning to chip. But that’s ok, I can still show you what colors they were from the bottle.

Look how cheerful my outfit was that Sunday!


I know not too many would like to be this colorful, I will not take it against you. Just let me be. But if you are wondering if it will look good on you, you will never know until you try it. I felt happy with all these pieces. So I say to you…wear if you dare!


In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar