You know, I really am a lucky wife. I told my husband that I got an invitation to go to the beach on a week-day for work. It is work related to my other blog, He responded with “sigurado ako, gusto mo lang gamitin yung orange mo.” (I bet you just want to wear your orange). He was partly right about that.

So after fixing the household’s needs while I will be away, I started packing my bag, orange included. This orange swimsuit came from the balikbayan box several summers ago. It’s a pasalubong from Winnie, my sis-in-law.

Here goes…


 Any day is a good day to hit the beach. Let’s go big & beautiful princess and queens like me.

 For me, even when its rainy season,

 for as long as I have great company ( they are daily grace from God),

 …even if the sun is hiding in the clouds and for as long as the sea is calm…

 …and I am in neon ORANGE, I am all for beach fun anytime of the year! 

Growing up, I felt that people were living in some “facts” that I refused to imbibe. One of which is for Ilokanos like me to stay away from yellow and orange because of our dark complexion. This I say to you:

Do not be afraid to wear neon colors.

Its not as difficult as you think.

You just need to have the right attitude.

The attitude of fun! The wear if you dare attitude! The SheBangs mindset.

Rock it!

It was 10pm and the queen of the house was still out…their queen. My honey texted me good night while I was still on the road. After an hour, I came home to a son who was on line and following my whereabouts via messenger, and another son tucked in his bed with a book. Reading is great too, on rainy evenings.

I am a happy mom (in orange).

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar