It is true what I used to hear: sakit ng kalingkingang, sakit ng buong katawan. I have just proven it myself, literally.

I got a toe injury a little over a month ago and I tell you, it was soooooooo painful, even wearing slippers was difficult. I went on with my meetings wearing flat slippers, consoling myself of the fact that, it is, afterall, a bling studded one!



















































































Back to reality.

This pair will be my best friend while my toe is healing.

I love that its silver so I can wear it with any color.


Its light, its comfortable, its Nine West from the Balikbayan box from sister-in-law Winnie.


I do not wear flat shoes a lot. I am flat footed so it becomes painful after quite sometime, specially if the pair is not designed for feet like mine. Its a sad fact for a person who moves around a lot like me. But for art’s sake, I still do, specially if its a pretty as this form


And suffer the consequences?

Yes, I suffer the consequences, for art’s sake. Look on line and you will see shoes like these. Drool!

There are days when I cannot afford to not feel like walking barefooted. That’s why when I was nursing my injured toe, I thought of these:

You want me to smile while working, Oh, God, please let me have these:

There are boots all over and I like all of them. All of them, yes. Remember #bangsboots. I have been in search for a red pair for a long time already. I hope to meet this pair soon so I can shout from my lungs

“I found it.”

Bangs Loves Boots”

So…yes, I will be hitting the gym late today and I just thought of exercise shoes. Maybe these will also put color to your day, just by looking at them:


Before I go, may I ask, are these for real? In the market already? Must I grab a pair?


In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar

PS: If you see this pair, please say hello for me, give it a kiss, and whisper…”please find your way to Bangs’ feet.” This will completely heal my toe injury, I am sure of that. I love you already.


In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar