Real Living magazine is read by home building and decorating professionals. I read it too, as I look for makeover ideas and dream for my perfect out-of-town house and sometime soon, a halfway condo unit, among others. So when they invited me at the recent launch of Match Contract Furniture showroom, I accepted it.

However seconds upon being led by Account Manager Noel Resurreccion, Jr. into the showroom, this caught my eye.

Is this not just pretty?

I imagined…

This is perfect for shabby chic theme parties.

Also for vintage.

It is naturally distressed, naturally in character, in period!

I would style it with crocheted doilies, mason jars, dainty floral printed fabrics, lace, and group it with tables and cabinets with nice patina.

That’s the event planner in me talking. I can’t help it.

It’s obvious, I am an event planner forever.

Ok, I will not deny, I also fell in love with this chair:

I sat on it, it was so comfortable. I felt its texture with my hands and elbows.

I liked it that it was not heavy and it was sturdy. I wanted to have four, for me and my three men.

I checked the price and I personally thought that it was reasonable and affordable.

I told myself and Noel that I would call for this chair.

Then towards the end of the party, the red sister of this was raffled off.

Guess who won it…

Thank you Match Contract Furniture. See you when I come to complete my set. Thank you Real Living, I specially enjoy your Real Makeovers.

Back to events:

I am definitely calling up my friends in the events business to tell them to invest on this chair. I suddenly felt, I do not like tiffany chairs anymore. At least not for my shabby chic, antique, vintage or garden theme celebrations.


In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar