I was a thespian since elementary days and I enjoyed it even after college. Summer acting workshops kept me busy. I even have the memorable honor of being on the poster to promote a production. I worked for major productions at Cultural Center of the Philippines as actress, marketing staff and production staff.

I love the theater. Part of my training in discipline is from the many directors and stage managers who mentored me. The camaraderie that is built during the many nights and days of rehearsals is incomparable to other organizations I have joined. Teamwork is essential.

I am biased. My husband tells me so, and I admit. I admit it with pride. Local shows would have theater actors and  I say the reason they are admired for their acting is because they are from the theater. Whenever I see a scene on TV being performed so well, I immediately say “malamang teatro and training nya.” And when I find out that I am right, I become more boastful to him. A lot of time, he finishes my sentence to say the same thing I say: because he/she was trained in theater.

I left the stage because my parents said I was not going to earn my keep from it.

As an event planner, I get to present my services as video or photo shoot director. I love being one. I motivate my clients to think while posing in order for an expression to come out. I build their self-confidence by thinking and acting beautiful. I invigorate them by carrying with me high level of energy at the shoot. Most of all, I make them feel at ease.

Here I am directing a pictorial for an invitation:


For someone who is just warming up for the shoot, I can’t ask for movement if I do not show movement, so I move! I show where the feet must land. And I remind that as it is done, she must smile, look good, and look at the camera

I dance too!


After a series of clicks, I look at the photos and ooopppps! something went out of place.

So I ask the stylist to fix it. In the absence of one, I do it. But of course, I cannot let anything left imperfect.



…and when the shoot is done, I still manage to smile with the clients for posterity. And then, pack up!

When I am directing a photo or video shoot, I reminisce my theater days and realize how blessed a life I have had. To be given a talent and really share it to my audience, ahhh! So divine.  I have been thinking, what if I audition for a play? What would it do to me? To my sense of well-being?

Have you even been to your own pictorial?

Its good to brave one. Book a session now.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar