I entered the church one morning and I saw her.

My heart jumped!


From thereon I was finding it hard to concentrate. When the Holy Mass ended, I felt the immediate desire to approach her, I just had to wait for the proper timing. I admit I was beginning to get impatient. A few more minutes of waiting and silently admiring her, then I saw that she was about to leave.


I introduced myself and told her how I loved her hair.

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I felt she was flattered but she did not seem surprised with my admiration.


She has been having her hair colored for quite a while already and yes, people notice. They approach her and give her compliments.


Her name is Cora, a mother of 4, senior citizen. She was off to Rockwell to meet her friends.

Her favorite hair color is red. This is her first time to have it in these colors.

Cora is confident. She is enjoying herself and her love for colors. She enjoys people’s admiration. No wonder, she is such a delight!

I’m so glad that I saw her. Even more glad that I got to talk to her and tell her I appreciate the confidence she exudes. I truly love the fact that I saw someone so bold so early that morning.

I had a really colorful day! Incredible.

What about you?

What makes you unique?

Embrace your uniqueness!

Be happy with it.

Make other happy with it.

Just like Cora.

With Gratitude and In Joy,