The following photos were taken two years ago during a mini reunion in honor of  two balikbayan high school friends and batch mates.

I was looking at past photos and I came across these.

I suddenly missed this top. It was given as a gift, a proof that I receive a daily grace from God. Check my hashtag #dailygracefromGod.

I  pair it with any skirt, pants or dress. However, a portion of it was burned while ironing, thus I had to put it in my “for giving” bag.

I also miss the pants a lot. It perked me up everytime I wore it. For a good three years, I would always have to devote more time fixing my outfit for the day when it is its turn to be worn. You see, I rotate my wardrobe quite fairly. I do not want any of them to be whispering “how come you only wear me once in a while?”

g l a r i n g

LOOK! It glares, huh! I see myself only in photos though, so I would not know if it glares as much in the flesh.

This came to me through a balikbayan box shipped by my my sis-in-law, Arzie. The #womanwholovescolors loved it so much. I was willing to wear it everyday. Why? Because it makes people smile. I could be seen from thirty feet away, and from the time that I am spotted ( or my pants ) they smile until we are at proper distance for them to say…”wow, love your pants!’ When its my mom I am meeting, she says “ano ba yan, Bangs, nakakasilaw!”

g l o w i n g

My friends and my mom, they say two different things, but I accept the fact that they mean the same. That they will not be caught dead wearing this glaring glowing green! I am a good sport. I do not get affected by such comments. I am okay with being colorful, big and beautiful, if only in my eyes.I am more affected when pieces of clothing and accessories I own must move on to another state…state of being given away, of being thrown and go through natural decomposition. My glaring glowing green pants was made to look so old with the use of liquid acid used to remove stains. So I turned it into shorts to prolong its stay with me. That’s the Ilokano in me! But what has been damaged really looks damaged, and I did not feel beautiful in it anymore.

I love this photo. I look tall. See my 6 inches heels? It also came through a balikbayan box. Thank God it is still with me, together with my inner gray mini tank.

Let’s go back to my high school friends…


It was my first time to see some of them since High School graduation. One thing I noticed during this and other meet-ups with former schoolmates is that we are not anymore  strongly identified by our sections. Except when we talk about our teachers and our seatmates, we refer to ourselves as high school friends. I think this is a sign of maturity. Well, we are all in our 50’s alright, but even older people bicker about mundane stuff. During our get-togethers, we talk about anything under the sun, laugh loud in the slightest provocation, and wonder how we were able to live through the time, given that we were all pilya. I guess its because underneath the facade of a rebel, a pilosopo, a seemingly irresponsible youth that we were, is a real intention to live fruitful, meaningful lives.

Two things before I go: 1. Would you wear a glaring, glowing green pants like what I wore here? Wear if you dare, my friends. If not, throw ’em over. I am always a happy recipient, as I am also a cheerful giver.

2. Do you look forward to meeting your high school friends? I do. Its always a delight to see how we have become big and beautiful princesses and queens through the years. How is it like with you?

Tell me, write me…I love hearing from you!

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar