In my morning walk today, I saw this.



For me, this became my inspiration for today’s outfit for Sunday Holy Mass, malling and early dinner with my three men.

I had to start with a color that will pop, otherwise, I will not be the #womanwholovescolors! Thus, this bag.

How do you like my shoes?

“Mom, you are tall today.”

My son whispered that to me during mass.

Oh I love this 6 inches glittery brown that is great for day and night wear. They came from the balikbayan box, courtesy of my sister-in-law Arzie.

 My pewter earrings brought attention to my eye wear. I use progressive lens now, so I make sure I have a great frame.

My nails are on a break. I keep them clean and no lacquer for 7-10 days. They, too, must breathe.

I complete my earth palette with green courtesy of my 9 year-old ring.

Well, I went to hear mass with my family and I see this beautiful couple with their children. I planned and coordinated the wedding of Karl and Tin some four years ago, and now they have Misha and Pope. I am blessed with wonderful clients and friends throught the years of my being a wedding planner and I am ever so grateful to Karl and Tin for making me part of their milestone and for appreciating my work.  It was a wonderful meeting.

Do you have a lot of beiges, tans, ivories, and browns in your closet? Bring them out and check what shoes, headband, brooch, or bangle you can use to add color so as to make the whole ensemble pop and rock!

Show me, will you?

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar