Your family prepared a special number on your wedding anniversary party. In the middle of their presentation, your office mates guests come to you to say that they will be on duty tomorrow and so they say their goodbyes, By the time they have all said their thank yous, the presentation is also over already 🙄

This too:

Your best friend who is based overseas is unable to come home for your wedding, so she sent a video message. Just as when it was introduced, your guests, who are your neighbors, arrived and went straight to where you were seated. They said their reason for being late and the whole detailed story  😥

And this:

The Same Day Edit of your debut is one of your much awaited part of the night but you were unable to watch it because your Aunt came to give her ang-pao. She also asked for a selfie with you 😆


While the Principal Sponsors are being presented to the gathering, they are also being asked by the emcee to share their little story about the couple, like their first impression, their advice, etc. Its very embarrassing for the couple to be unable to respectfully listen and react to their messages because other guests were beside them to say “thank you, we will go ahead.”  😯

Did you imagine?

I asked you to imagine because unless you admit that you have done the above as a guest, you probably have not seen one yet. Its because being a guest, you are focused and is enjoying the program while the celebrator is missing out on it.

Are you guilty of such?

I’ll go straight to the point.

Being guests, behave!

Do not rob the celebrators the enjoyment of their own party. Be considerate. Check what is going on first before you approach them.

Let me ask you.

Why do you think these are insensitive, ungracious, unacceptable practices? Please feel free to comment below.

In Gratitude,