One day you might feel like your life lacks “the life” as you would have intended.

Don’t let that day come. Or if you feel as if that day has already passed, it doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life.

People have come to me to tell me how I have inspired them. What’s amazing is that I was not aware of the effect I was having on them. I was busy wonderfully living to even notice.

Are you going through adult years still feeling deprived from living the life you really really really really really want?

Why so?

     You think you are not beautiful enough?

     You do not think the world will accept you when your real self is seen?

     You feel that the others are way more intellectual than you?

     You do not feel appreciated?

     You wonder why you can’t be as rich as the others?

     There is nothing of substantial worth about you?

Listen. In the eyes of others, I am wild, too bold, way too edgy for their taste. I respect their preference. But I love blings, colors, and all things beautiful in my own eyes and heart. You, my dear, may have your own way of expressing your uniqueness. Go ahead. I respect you because I’m also my own kind of wonderful.


As I go about my days as an event organizer, party planner, and queen of my home, I mindfully give, share, and do good.  It is my responsibility to color my life so that I feel joyful every day. I always feel happy and grateful having done weddings of famous showbiz personalities and parties of the crème de la crème in the social and business communities. Currently, my clients are thankful that they hired me because I helped them have memorable and enjoyable events. Guests and workmates keep fond thoughts of our togetherness because I made them smile, or laugh.

The #womanwholovescolors

Daily, I wake up thankful for the privilege to learn many more things so I know more and become more.

Join me in my days.

Let’s be more.

Together, let’s be spectacular.

Colorful Morning

Let’s live life with “the life”, as we like it.

Its okay.

Here I am for an early morning date with three ( 3) women of my exciting life.

Here I am for an early morning date with three ( 3) women of my exciting life.

With Love & In Gratitude,