I have been consistently going for a walk every Saturday and Sunday for at least one hour, covering about 7 kilometers  per day for the past two weeks.

Add to that my 2-3 times a week Curves session.

I have also been consistently having a meal of freshly juiced veggies and a little fruit everyday, not having rice for dinner, no chocolate because of my hyper acidity, and I have been only drinking water or coconut water.

I also took the effort to minimize frying or sauteing with oil.

Oh, and very important but definitely very difficult was my putting down of spoon and fork while chewing for no less than 25 times before I take another bite.

Feeling revived!

Feeling Happy!

Feeling happy and thankful!

Don’t ask me how much I weight then and now. I do not know. To me, it does not matter.

I am big, alright, but I am happy.

Maybe next time I see a weighing scale, or when I go for physical check-up, I will know.

While I know having the correct weight according to one’s height and frame is a must, I do not make it my basis for success in my health journey.

Rather, I listen to my body.

Lately, I have been springy, elastic, pliable, flexible, happy, industrious, cheerful, sociable, loving, prosperous. I am all those, therefore my health journey is enjoyable as it is with a lot of positive feelings. Sometimes I feel that my journey and my destination are unidentifiable. I feel that what I have in my journey seems like what I already feel is my destination.

I have decided long ago that my weight and my having to ask for the Large size will not make me unhappy anymore. Large kung large.

I have decided to embrace the whole of me, and to love each and every inch of me, inside and out.

I have decided to find joy in being me.

So whenever my sister tells me that one is more slimming that the other, or when I am told what’s perfect for petites I choose what I like best (usually the more colorful one) and ignore the comment.

Now here comes…

One rainy Public Holiday, I got into fixing the boxes I have stacked through the years. There I found so many clothes of mine waiting to be used. They are all waiting for my waistline fit into them. I then imagined how much more budget I will have for fashion accessories if I am able to save by using them all and not needing to buy.

So I took stock.

Here are 50+ pieces of garments. They are a combination of previously used and have gotten smaller, but are too nice and still relatively new to discard, and brand new ones. Oh, I also have about 20 pieces of fabrics waiting to be brought to the modiste.

You see, I love malling, and when I see a SALE sign, its seems that I see a hand waving at me to come in and check on the items. I also seem to hear them say “take me, take me, I am a nice,unique,colorful piece,” Its hypnosis!!! And don’t you forget, Ilokano ako. Ha ha ha.


No need to buy clothes for 4 months or more. I will just have to fit into them. I will continue with my walking, Curves, eating slowly, and thinking of the above garments and more.

By then, I will probably still not know my weight and waistline measurement. It won’t be important. I will be so busy styling my fashion accessories and busier in attending my day to day life as a blogger-events professional. My happiness now will probably mega triple, even if I did not know those numbers.

Springier, more elastic, more pliable, more flexible, happier, more industrious, more cheerful, more sociable, more loving, more prosperous. That will be my new me!

I will forever be the woman who loves colors, so more, more, and more colors!

In Gratitude and With Joy,