I just turned 53. I am happy and  thankful for the privilege of being able to reach this age while people are guessing that I am still in my early 40’s as they look at me. Sometimes, I wonder why.

It must be my colored nails,

or my colorful boots, shoes, or sandals.

Maybe my often irreverent burst of laughter.

Or my being able to enjoy the company of yuppies, or maybe because even teens enjoy being with me.

Maybe because I say “cool,” “I love,” “YASSSSSSS” a lot…

Or maybe because I do not look like I have hundreds of millions in my bank account yet like what other 53-year old women might already have.

Whatever is the reason, it feels great to be 53 and look 40’s.

So to celebrate my birthday, I planned to not plan. I just let things be, I just let things go, and it was an awesome day.

I over-bought some stuff for myself and was prepared to mentally defend the indulgence, also from my own scrutiny!

I also decided to have my hair colored professionally, regardless of the product used. You see, for many years, my hair color always came from Healthy Options. Vegan, paraben free, ammonia free…you know, all those healthy ways to be beautiful. But my choices were limited.

So off to David’s Salon Antipolo I went. I met David Salon Academy’s Technical Training Head, Ms. Lorna Sandoval, who I consulted before taking any step. She was all ears, and I was all honest in my expectation. I told her I wanted specific colors, that I saw it from one girl I met at an escalator and that I was fearful of pain that chemicals bring on scalp.

Lorna was with a team. Nouvelle, an Italian line of hair colors and hair care, was used since I have expressed my preference for funky, bold colors.

But of course, I am the #womanwholovescolors!

Wonderful company representatives were present: Jessica Garcia, Justin Ko, and Ann Andres were with us. They talked to me about Lively and why I am assured that it will not hurt despite the bleaching process. They also introduced Eslabondexx hair care and why I will so need it because of the processes that my hair will go through in order to achieve what I like. Mostly they presented color samples on human hair so I could choose what I like.


I felt that it will be a long process, but I was ready. My next appointment was at 6pm yet in SM Aura. It was only 11am in Antipolo.

We began.


After six hours, I was resigned to the possibility of  not being able to make it to my next meeting anymore. I called up my business partner to say so.

Well, after six hours, this is the result.

I love it! It is worth every energy put into it.

The team is proud of their work and products, and I am very very happy. YASSSSS!

The lady in blue is Ann of Nouvelle, and in pink is Lorna of Davids. Both of them were very professional, very passionate with their work, and they really took into consideration everything that I dreamed of.

Talk about being knowledgeable, having the best products, and excellent customer relations!

I might not have billions in my bank account yet, but I hope that I look like I am going to have it soon. I hope I have the vibe. It all begins there. In the meantime,

I am happy looking like a billion-dollar-lady-with


I am cool with that.

Do you like my hair?

Would you be willing to color your hair too? If so, what are your colors?

On my way out of the mall, I was approached by a lady. She wanted to know what colors I used after giving me her exciting admiration. Oh no…I did not ask for the codes. If you want to know what I used, leave a message below (comment box) and that should remind me to ask the pro team I had.

Do you have a photo of your hair in funky colors? Send it over with a short story of how you came to like colored hair.

You stand the chance to win a hair coloring session at David’s Salon Antipolo.

In Gratitude and With Joy,