Since my family had France some three years ago, we had an extra reason for coming home earlier or putting off some out of town vacations. We love it when she comes to say hi to all of us individually when we arrive. We feel that we are missed by her when we are not home for even a few hours.

Pets are awesome stress relievers. Better than smoking, pets makes us forget, even just temporarily, of our chaotic thoughts and toxic errands. Pets are great alternative medicines! Our France flirts with us and cajoles through her body language but she is also the most behaved one I have ever seen.I am grateful for having France and for everything that she is.


France is such a human being in temper and emotion

Because of her I have learned to appreciate other pets. I wanted to get us a pair of love birds as I love the chirping of birds inside the house. But my husband says: Ibon man may layang lumipad. So I ended up buying this battery operated one.

Meet our Greece.

Our battery operated bird is named Greece.

I have also paid attention to the saint of pets, St. Francis of Assissi from whom I have learned that “where there is hatred, let me sow love, where there is injury, pardon, when there is doubt, faith, where there is darkness light, where there is despair, hope.” St Francis’ feast day is October 4. So before October ends, make way for my other pets:

lucky horse ring

My dragonfly on orchid multi-purpose pin which I made and has been using for years


Christmas gift from entrepreneur friend, Melissa Racela

Fish for double good luck


Three is not a crowd in this case

My pink froggy and stylish bunny went out to lunch with me

I am thankful that I have the above with me during my meetings, events, and even while i am on vacation. They bring me joy, they amuse me, they inspire me. I am thankful that they crossed my path, and that I was ready to adopt (buy) them.

If I were to give them up for adoption, who would you adopt?

With so much love and in gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar