When I did not have a boyfriend yet, I visualized for a husband. I did not visualize a face, instead, a good number of qualities. One of them was for my future husband to be God-loving and God-fearing.

Two years after we became sweethearts, I married the man who possessed all that I visualized. #ImSoHappyAndGratefulNow

My husband,






He is my king

He is my king

There are Sunday mornings when my body aches because of a really tiresome event on a Saturday. I would ask that we attend the afternoon Holy Mass instead. But he would tell me to rest-all-I-want AFTER we go to church.

He starts his day reading the bible. During our travels, when we arrive in hotel rooms where we are to spend our night, he looks for the Holy Bible first.

When our children had lessons in Christian Living Education, he would tell bible stories related to the lessons. This made my boys, the #zaldivarboys understand their lessons even more.

Once in a very rare while I am angry, I fear, I hate. I am sad, I am envious. Some situations sicken me and I complain, some confuse me and it irritate me to bits. As a human being, some things make me feel proud. A lot of times, situations stress me out. There are moments when I am in great desperation and I want to revenge. But my Zaldy always brings me back to God, and in an instant, my feelings are re-directed.

We wholeheartedly tithe in obedience to His law. We honor our parents as God commands. All these and more, are reminded to us by my husband, our padre de familia.

Jobo and Father

Jobo and Father

Drigs and Father

Drigs and Father

While there are still points where we do not agree, I respect his views and let him be:

He does not think hearing Holy Masses in malls is ideal. He takes real effort in going to stand-alone churches when its time to hear mass and we are still in the mall. He does not join me in my novenas but would willingly wait for me while I pray it.

We love our father!

We love our father!

He leads us to God by example and the fruits are evident.

One time my elder son said: Mommy I have a full day on Sunday, but I plan to hear the 6am mass here ( our community) and then go straight to school.

Doesn’t that sound like “blessing!”

One mealtime when my boys were maybe 6 or 7 years old, a bowlful of hot spaghetti was served to us. We devoured the whole of it, until I remembered and announced that we did not say our graces. They immediately dropped their utensils and recited it. Only then did we go back to our remaining two spoons-full. We laugh, still, when we remember this.

#myking and #zaldivarboys

The father of our house always leads us back to God, and I truly appreciate it.

Our head, our best daddy!

Our head, our best daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, #myking. One of the reasons why I am #JoyfulEveryday is because I wake always with you around.

You’re the best!

In Gratitude and With Joy,