I will do away with the chit-chat and will go straight to the point.

As an events planner and organizer, I have had 5 close encounters with the legend, our Pambansang Kamao, the Philippine’s pride, Senator Manny Pacquiao. In this post, I showcased one that was held some years back during the wedding of Governor Chavit Singson’s truly beautiful daughter, Architect Richelle Louise Singson to Mr. Richard Peter Michaels.


I am seldom star-struck, sometimes I wonder why. But I think its good because it makes me go about my tasks with a very objective mindset. I always bear in mind that all people who I deal with at work are VIPs.

But when things are over, when the last piece owned by the client has been turned over, when the lights are out and my whole staff is dismissed, I look back at the day and everything plays back in full color and with strong emotions. It is at this time that I enjoy the day that has been, the work that I had been blessed with.

Manny Pacquiao is not difficult to direct. During this wedding, his aide introduced me to him as the wedding coordinator, I greeted him, and asked his to please follow me inside the church.


As we were making our way in, I told him to please just stay inside, and I will look for him again when they have to fall in line for the processional. He looked at me in the eye, smiled and “sige, thank you.”


When it was time to queue the wedding entourage, I took the principal sponsors. My staff took care of the rest. I asked him if he could please button his Barong Tagalog while waiting for his turn to march, and he obliged with no question. I reminded him and his lovely wife, JInkee, to walk slow saying “mahaba ang simbahan, but please walk slow…



I also told them to enjoy their way to the altar “na parang kayo po ang ikakasal.” Laughter, a short quiet laughter.



Then it was full attention to the bride and her dad



This “wedding of the year” deserves another post, but for now I would like to do what the whole nation is doing which is toast  the legend,our dear Manny.

What makes a legend?  I do not completely know. I have not been in close encounter with so many of them. HHmmmm, maybe humility and warmth. I would also add adherence to instructions, simple and complex. Yeah, maybe those, because I have seen those in Mr. Pacquiao, the legend.


Happy Monday, everyone!

In Gratitude,