Today, I was early for my appointment, so I was walking leisurely. Then,I saw this:

yarn art

My heart jumped!

Whoa! Colorful branches.

I walked nearer, and viewed it from different angles, smiling. No kidding, I was really smiling.

Colors never fail to catch the attention of anybody.They catch mine in surprising ways. Sometimes they remind me of something. This one reminds me to look for a pink wig which I intend to wear for a Christmas pajama theme party. Also, because of this in view, I saw the pond. I mean, I normally do not pay attention to the pond when I pass here, but because it is framed by this colorful branches, I appreciate its beauty even more.

doilies on branches

colorful in all angles

This installation is by one of my go-to brands, Lulu Tan Gan. Lulu is into knitwears. She has always been there, as far as I am concerned. I identified her solely with Shoemart but she already has boutiques in different malls. I love knits for its versatility, pack-ability and because Lulu’s is always a classic piece, I get my money’s worth. Back to the Lulu Tan Gan brand, its one proof that finding a niche and serving the best for it will give staying power for decades.

doilies by Tan Gan

You are telling me, I am important. Oh yeah, I am. I’m a wife, a mom, a child of God, a friend, an events planner, a costume go-to for my friends, a cheerful lender of accessories and gowns in all colors as long as it fits you, a blogger, a pancitan queen wannabe. I am indispensable, but I am important.

You, yes, you my friend is important. Meditate and know that you are.

And who would you tell this to? Whose morale would you want to build up? Who would you want to feel happy today? Who is that one person who is important, but always overlooked. Would you tell that person “you are important,” now? Go ahead. You will make her life!

do you see the message

I love installation arts. The artist in me is imagining of doing installation art too, one day. Looking at these unicorns, I believe it will be a reality. Taking it from www.universeofsymbolism, unicorn “is all about opening up to infinite possibilities,” gives us the eyes to see all possibilities. Amen. So my own art installation may not be too far from now, I claim.

Horses on top of a tree

Ahhhh, so many thoughts for a few minutes of being early, and its all because traffic was not building up yet.

Traffic, let’s talk about traffic, sister!

You know, if you had been complaining a lot, and who does not, why don’t you learn how to adapt to the situation. Traffic is real. Traffic is irritating. Traffic robs from us precious time. Traffic causes delay that may eventually become a life saver, a grace in disguise. Traffic is not a negative thing. It all depends on the way we take it.

The woman who loves colors stood up for a few minutes for this

Do you have dreams of creating art? Go ahead. Start now.

Are you always late? Right now, plan to start early and show up early.

In Gratitude,