It looks like there will be a lot of June weddings this year. I have received a lot of inquiries for weddings already, and those I have booked are now preparing for their pre-nuptial pictorial and video shoots.

This reminds me of the fund raising projects I was a part of. Held in Blue Leaf McKinley almost three years ago, several wedding photographers, fashion stylists, hair and make-up artists, venue stylists, caterers, and wedding planners joined forces to conduct a marathon pre-nup for typhoon victims. Just last week, as I was de-cluttering in preparation for Chinese New Year , I saw the photos which I took during my duty hours.

Take a look at how things become fabulous.

First, the different suppliers worked with smile on their faces (myself included) knowing that we were doing it to help.


Be hopeful, despite the chaos…things will turn out beautiful, I promise you.

Here is a kingly reminder: Do not forget to style the groom.


Your pre-nup session is the perfect time to experiment with your hair in preparation for the big day.   Because I love falsies, I just had to capture him at work!



If the dress does not fit, or if it is too big, do not get stressed. Your fashion stylist should be able to do something to make it picture-fit!

See this…

Photographers are ready, and so are the couples…


…their staff, and their props!

While the others are already done to face the camera, so many more are being styled.









bangs zaldivar of groom solo   photos by Bangs Zaldivar at pre nup  



It has been all fun! In retrospect, it was heartwarming to see so many wedding suppliers share their time and talent. It still feels wonderful, to this date, to see so many brides and grooms to-be being transformed.

By now, they may already be married. As they work their way to starting their own families, the funds raised have also already helped typhoon victims restore the livelihood they have lost.


Surely, there is reason to smile, and to feel at peace.

Promise fulfilled. Things turned out beautiful.

Now let’s eat!

With Gratitude and In Joy