I was busy reminiscing with a family friend about a recent vacation we had together when I got a text that this aunt of my bride some twelve years ago will be calling me up for her daughter’s birthday party.

After a few minutes, the call came.

Abby, who I thought turned 7 not so long ago, will be turning 12! Has it been 5 years?

Time flies really fassssssst when one is having a great time giving, sharing, and smiling to do good.

Nineteen years in my life as event planner means countless corporate events, weddings, surprise parties, 13th and 16th birthday parties of energetic and gadget savvy teens,debuts,anniversaries, proposals, festivals, pageants,etc. etc, etc. Five years prior, I did her 7th birthday party, I thought while going to the restroom after I hang up the phone. I looked at myself in the mirror.

Indeed, I have more white hair now, but I have more energy as well.

After a week of putting things together, the party took place.


Yesterday, Abby rocked it. Her school friends had a blast in Shakey’s, her adult friends went home with lots of loots and cash gifts, and her family was really happy.

Food was plenty. Obviously, I loved and enjoyed the dessert buffet. Don’t you wonder why I took so many photos of it? Well, this kid enjoyed it too! Yum!

In Gratitude and With Joy,