I decide what I make out of my days, and because joy-filled days make me happy, I always discover options to fill my days with joy.

Just like when the youngest of the #zaldivarboys just turned 19 a month ago. How he has changed! He had his celebrations planned very well, all he did was to recite the plans to me.

A day before his birthday: Late breakfast with a group of friends in High School, lunch with another group, dinner with yet another group

On his birthday: lunch with blockmates, dinner with family

…and since both of our boys will be in the Katipunan area, I have set UP Town Center as the venue for our dinner. Everyone agreed.

Okay, so it was 5pm when I found out that Ateneo’s graduation rite was also taking place. Panic!!! Katipunan area will be sooooo traffic, for sure!

Here comes the planner-mom.

Text galore:

Kuya go to UP Town Center as soon as you can because of ADMU grad.

Jobo, go as early, and meet Kuya there.

Both of you choose a resto, text us and we will see you there.

Kuya gave me two choices, both restos we have only heard of but haven’t tried before.

We are infront of Gate 1 of Ateneo and Daddy tells me he is hungry.

HHmmmm, no way, its not time to experiment. No for those two restos. I texted the boys:

Go to the tried and tested one that Jobo likes, and let us explore next time.

2016-06-25 19.47.40

I thought of how Jobo would love pizza with lots of mozzarella, just like this.

Ahhhh, Torch! Torch it is!

They asked for a table and got seated shortly. They ordered, in consultation with us who were then in front of Miriam College.

I was enjoying the whole process of texting, thinking, changing choices, etc.

2016-06-25 19.32.19

They have consumed the complimentary pasta sticks when we arrived, but Torch personnel was gracious to give us another serving.

2016-06-25 19.47.20

2016-06-25 19.38.10

I savored every stick and enjoyed its saltiness.
2016-06-25 19.47.50

That smile, thank you to his favorite foods: pasta, pizza, and some others that we love from Torch
2016-06-25 19.52.08

2016-06-25 19.53.42

Jobo loves it when we are complete.

Well, we almost always are complete because we take it upon ourselves to prioritize being with each other.

Jobo is my son who expresses his wish for us to

watch movies together.

One time I told him: No more na Jobo, you and Kuya nalang and Dad and I will wait in Starbucks. Instantly, he replied: “Akala ko ba its family day, we must all go.” And we did.

Thoughts like this, fill my days with joy. I am happy that the family relations that we have established in their minds are intact.

Jobo is a well-mannered, intelligent, and very

very considerate.

He is extremely kind, I remember telling him when he was in the grade school basketball varsity team that he had to shoot the ball in every opportunity to earn points for the team. But he said: “no, ayaw kong maging bakaw,” or “wala pa syang na shoot, para maka shoot naman sya.”

Well, he is 19, alright. But, I can’t help it. He is still my baby, my favorite bunso! A big blessing to us.

Happy 19th Birthday Jobo Zaldivar

        Happy Birthday Jobo

2016-06-25 19.48.05

Joyful parentals

2016-06-25 19.47.02

2016-06-25 19.47.29

2016-06-25 20.17.12

Proof of yumminess!!!

Let us find and feel joy everyday in the little or minor circumstances. Do you know the easiest way to find your joy?

Count what you have, even the minutest one counts.

One cannot count what he does not have

Be contented with your present state and enjoy it.

It’s your decision, your choice, to appreciate or wish for something else

Share, share, share with a grateful heart.

Its in the attitude! Watch out! Sharing can make one haughty, and that way does not bring joy

I assure you, you’ll have so much joy in your heart.

With Gratitude and In Joy,bangs-signature