It was a privilege to be of help when my sister asked me to fetch her daughter, Coleen, from the airport. Thank God, I was available.

Coleen was in Europe primarily for a school related  tour. But of course, since it was school break and in order to maximize the opportunity, she planned well. The result: four countries and six cities all in five weeks.

Thanks to facebook, I was updated on her different activities. It was like meeting her new friends. It was like going with them to the different tourist spots as well as learning with them as they went about their course requirements, one of which was to visit stores of fashion brands we can only wish we have stocks of their in season collection.

But listening to her face to face is a different joy.

And then the inevitable, the customary, the very Pinoy practice of giving pasalubong from the balikbayan box!

Boxes of CHOCOLATES. They are just not chocolates, honey…they are BELGIAN CHOCOLATES!!!!!!

She went to Brugge and was entertained by Belgians so this must be the best Belgian chocolate ever!

The Zaldivar Boys, my king, and their queen are not disappointed.





Coleen had a fruitful experience. She is so blessed, and so are we. Nothing tops the thrill of receiving pasalubong from the balikbayan box, no matter what it is. Being thought of is such a wonderful feeling. It makes me feel rich. It make me beautiful. It make me feel special. It puts inner smile on my face.

And you my dear, how did you share your blessings today? Oh, you did not?

Okay…here is what you do. Think of one blessing you are so thankful for.


It may be a pair of shoes. That is a blessing. Now share your blessing.How?

Do you have a spare and still wearable pair? Did not your cousin show interest for it? Call her and tell her you are giving it to her, if she still wants.

It may be your hosting skills, so call up an event planner you know and tell her to match you to an event in need of host, and that you will do it in gratitude, for free.

Are you blessed with an honest and loyal household helper? Why don’t you tell her to take an extra day off with pay, and give her an extra hundred pesos.

Are you thankful that you have finally de-cluttered your kitchen? Are you surprised how many packs of tomato sauce you have hoarded? Make a delicious spaghetti with meatballs and give your neighbors.

There are so many ways to thank God for the blessings you have received. If Coleen had such thoughtfulness, you have it too.

Thoughtfulness is rewarding. What you give is food that nourishes the soul of the giver.

Happy Sunday, everyone.

With so much joy and in gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar