The food.


The ambiance.


The weather.


All those and I think because of this…

Linens are neatly ironed. Seeing this reminded me of my Nanang Tilde, my maternal grandmother. She ironed everything, and they were even starched. As a little girl, I saw her use the kind of iron with charcoal. Yes, naabutan ko yun!

Waxed wooden chairs,perhaps? It feels so good to sit on them.

Spray scented surroundings in the morning to get rid of over-staying mosquitoes, perhaps?

But if that’s the case, I have an idea: why don’t they include citronella plant in the garden, if they have not yet done so.

Look, they wipe everything…I was impressed seeing them do it.

Oh wait a minute, maybe that was not spray scent, huh. That looks like Pledge wood cleaner, doesn’t it?

Next time you go to Antonio’s in Tagaytay, notice how clean everything is. The lawns are well manicured, the choice of plants used in landscaping is impressive, the restrooms are clean. I really feel like being in an ancestral home that is kept by an OC lola with all the foods served like no other.

I’m going back to Antonio’s but this time around I will request for my meal to be served here. I wonder if they will allow me. This makes for a picturesque experience. Don’t you agree?


I think an orange dress on me will look good as I lounge here. I have a new orange with a wear-if-you-dare attitude. Then my yellow headpiece and bangles…oh, the woman who loves colors is visualizing and is getting excited!

What do you think?

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar