After mass we had our usual lunch. My boys are a loyal bunch. If they like a resto, they do not mind coming back over and over again. But I am the restless one. I always want to try something new. I always want a new dining experience.

So their queen coerced them to try Santiago this time. Silence means they are not sure, but I was. I wanted to eat at a place we have not eaten.

They were dragging their feet on their way up. I am sure they are wishing for service to be fast and for food to better be great as we were all starving.

Oh well, their smile in this photo tells me that they like the homey feel of the place.


 Santiago is along Katipinan Extension. This used to be a house.

But now it serves pan de monay as complimentary starter. One for each of us. Wow, that’s generous of them!

After  saying our thanks for the daily grace from God, we started.

It was so goodilicious, we were willing to pay for another set of four. We were just starting and my men were loving it already.

Then came our orders.

Notice that all phones were parked. Busy eating and wondering why we did not try this sooner.

In between bites we talked about dressing up for college.

Our future architect (God, help him) has several sets of uniforms. No need to buy, thank you. But he wants a new coat. You see, it was my honey who went to order from their school ( I am a lucky wife, thank you for doing that). And maybe, just maybe, he thought it would save us bucks by ordering one size bigger, so he did (maybe he learned that from me, his Ilokano wife). However, we lived through the whole of his freshman year with a single complaint: that it is too loose. So now he is requesting for a new one of the right size.

Our incoming freshman needs casual outfits for school. He is requesting for shorts and more shorts. I am pushing for some pants, but he just wants shorts. As for shirts, I offered to shop for him for as long as I can get him ROYGBIV in bold and pastel shades. He wouldn’t. I knew he wouldn’t. Its just the #womanwholovescolors in teasing mood.


Here I am, the happy mom, all smiles that my men loved our food adventure.

My honey capped it with a cup of coffee which came with hacovina.

Do you remember hacovina? I had good memories eating hacovina. But that deserves another post.

I will share more family conversations next time, next table for four.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar