Its unlimited servings of a lot of things.




What more can my three men ask for?

Absolutely, nothing more!

Drigs and I discovered Katsusora first in Promenade, in Greenhills. Then we were told by the personnel that they were to open one in Eastwood. So we looked forward to experiencing the resto with my two other men. After Sunday Holy Mass, we went and oh wow!

Seats were all taken at that time, but not long after, we were given our table.

One can help himself/herself to salad and soup. This filled our hungry tummy, which made us feel that main dish came in faster than expected. Or maybe, we were just busy to even notice.

In between helping ourselves to the bar, we conversed.

Our topic was about sleep, how my sons were getting so little of it because of social media.

How is it with your family?

My boys are in front of the computer when they are studying. They say they are researching. But once in a while, when I pass by, I see them on Facebook. My younger one says he is waiting for the assignment to be posted by his teacher. What? Why did his teacher just give it during school hours? In my disgust when it happens, I always tell myself that I will discuss it during the next Parent-Teacher conference. But then, for some reason, I forget it! My boys must be praying that I forget it…

So we point out that social media engagement wastes so much time. That it is really tempting to open a new tab. That it is addicting. That it makes them finish late, and sleep late.

Then when they leave the desktop or close their laptop, they are in their mobile phones tweeting.

Grrrrr! Drives us nuts!

Then we prepared our sauce for the main course.


Then we resumed talking. Still on sleep, its importance and why we are short of the 7-10 hours required by the human body.

I lack sleep because it feels good to write at night, when everybody is asleep.

I lack sleep because I like fixing my cabinet at night. I plan my wardrobe at night and it feels cooler to fit clothes and accessories look better.

I lack sleep and so does everybody else in my family.

I know it is not very healthy, thus, I warned them that they will not hear the end of my reminders until I see them going to bed sooner.

But then again, I don’t either.

Sleep is a daily grace from God but we refuse to enjoy it because of mundane things.

So we just laughed.

Look at our eye bags. Or maybe they come with age…
















How many hours of sleep must you have to have an energetic day? How was your last family lunch like? Please share with me.







In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar