Summer is almost over. Rain is like hovering around us now and we are waiting for the big downpour. It usually starts with afternoon rain, giving us a sight of flash flood by the time the nigh time news is seen on TV. If I will refer to patterns of past years, rain will be a whole day thing soon.

I am one who is looking forward to the rainy season, at least for this year. It has been very very hot. I am experiencing hot flushes due to a woman’s big M state, and I am hoping that the rainy season will bring me cooler days.

Last March, to combat the heat, I asked my son to bring me to his favorite milkshake store, Starr’s. Jobo welcomes such requests in anticipation for his oreo filled delight. So it was bonding time! A lot to choose from, and a lot more to add. With every addition is a corresponding cost. I am just thankful that they also carry guilt-free yoghurt milkshake for me!

A lot to choose from, it takes quite a while for a newcomer like me to order

The store is small to accommodate the customers who came in groups. Based on the ID necklace they wore, and the people my son said hi to, they are from the nearby Miriam, Ateneo, Kostka and Family Montessori.

Another menu board that had my super favorite Salted Caramel. But too late, I already ordered my yoghurt drink

I thought I had my son all to myself during our date, but I was wrong. Look!

Is he on Twitter with his friends…?

Nope! Its NBA!!!!

NBA was the third party involved during my date with my son

So I enjoyed the wall while waiting for our order, which was quite a long wait.

wall art

Then came the star! The creamiest, most delish milkshake, according to Jobo.

I agreed.

In between sips and him watching from his cell phone, we talked about how he and his friends would go there sometimes to have a drink. He also introduced me to other restaurants beside Starr’s and up in the same building. We talked about the price, the serving, that its money well spent, and he also told me about the long wait, and the best time to go there. I like that my boy is happily sharing with me his days with his schoolmates outside school. I am happy that they know how to conduct themselves in public.

I really have reasons to be a #happymom, even if he brought NBA with him during our date.

Tell me about your last bonding time you had with your kid. What did you most like about it?

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar