Since they were young, I have always guided our sons to think and act prosperous. I tell them that offering their seatmate food first even before taking a bite is prosperity thinking. It means that one knows there is so much supply that even if one gives, there is still more left for oneself. I tell them to purchase not from emotion but from reason. I tell them to dress up neatly and colorfully ( wink:*  boys as they are, they do not! ).

          My husband on the other hand, promotes doing one’s best and asking God for direction. He reminds our boys to help people have better lives, in their own way using our staff as examples.

My husband, Zaldy, and I are one in telling them to tithe. Even at a young age, we have told them stories of people who tithe and are enjoying the promise of God for doing so. My husband, being the serious bible reader in the family, shares bible stories related to tithing. I am committed to make sure that they will tithe, specially when they are earning already.

During Sunday mass, when they were still young, I would give money to each one of them to drop in the basket during Offertory. When they grew older, I would just give it to my younger son, Jobo,  to drop. Not long after that, I noticed Drigs taking out his own money to give. Later on we found out that the money comes from the gifts he received, some left-overs from his allowance, and from profit of some items he sells like basketball socks. Last Sunday, I dropped my own gift offering.

Kuya Drigs, as usual, gave his offering. Jobo too. He earned from a five thousand pesos investment in a month with the guidance of his cousin. As I dropped my offering, I whispered my thanksgiving to God for touching their hearts. Last Sunday, as Zaldy and I talked about it, we gave each other a pat in the back.

So far so good, we are raising them well. We are not stopping. We cannot be complacent. Imparting values and being a positive model is a commitment for life!

For that I say, I am a happy mom!”

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar