As I am in bed now nursing a cold, cough, and a fever-ish flu-like feeling, I have been listening to Louise Hay’s recordings on You Tube and reading a lot of newsletters I have subscribed to but never got to read regularly when I was well. Today I re-learned what I have always known, and I just made a decision to make five simple but significant changes in the way I use my time.


When I pick up one thing, I will attend to it right away. This way I reduce my “not-urgent-will find-time-to-do-it” box. I will allocate 30 minutes a day to do this, and whatever is left undone may be attended to again tomorrow.

2. KNOW MY NEXT DAY SCHEDULE BEFORE GOING TO BED – I love doing To Do lists, but I end up not accomplishing them because they are very unrealistic. My husband always tells me that I schedule too much in a day. I have always thought I was Superwoman or some kind of miracle worker, but it just dawned on me that I MUST HAVE QUALITY WORK!  So now, I shall include a timeline that is realistic, and I shall decide my first 2 most important tasks, the tasks that will bring me closer to my goal, and these, I shall do them first.

3. MORNING, NOON, EVENING RITUAL – these are the things that I will do for myself, for my peace of mind, for my fitness, beauty, wellness, and nourishment for the mind as well. They must be done same time, everyday.

4. IN BED AT 10PM – I have always known that at 10pm our skin starts to regenerate. So what did I do? I went to bed at 10pm with my phone. So I would just check on one matter that led to another, and another. Next time I check the time, its 11:58pm. In bed at 10pm (thankful for the daily grace from God) and cell phone outside the bedroom, from now on.

5. READY TO GO BAGS – I will assign bags for the following: a. Chic Comforts b. Superwoman Snacks  c. Thank You Thank You Thank You d. Prayer Power  e. Beauty Queen  f. Wonderfully Wealthy  g. Hello Healthy  h. Relaxing Reads  i. OK, Overnight

If you were to make your list, would you share it with me too?

Thank you for coming to read my posts. The woman who loves colors reminds you to continue living colorful lives, dear friends.

With so much joy and in gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar