I posted this on Facebook, and I am doing it again here because I want the whole world to know that I am rooting for more success of Michelle.

I wish I can wake up looking like this but it takes talent, mastery, and passion to bring this about. Michelle Maramara-Viray (09178637900, Instagram michviraymua) is a true artist, dedicated to hone her skills and determined to succeed. I wouldn’t wonder if she will become a celebrated hair and make up artist in the near future. I will be the happiest. Remember, you heard it from me first.”

Michelle is a graduate of AMA Computer College. She was with my 1 Zaldivar Event team for several years. Then she told me she wanted to become a nurse, so she left her event planning job to pursue it. After she passed the board, chances for nurses getting emplyment here and abroad, narrowed. But she persisted. She went on to take nursing-related classes and worked at a local hospital. She was also working for me for my major events. But the call of her art became louder. She then folded her scrub uniform and bought more brushes, sponges, eyeliners, and whatever her teachers at make-up school told her were the best tools. She practiced, and practiced, and practiced…and practiced some more. She did her mom, niece, a lot of friends, more friends, including my face. Then she started accepting jobs and now her calendar tells me she is busy and successful. Yes, I even have a hard time asking for coffee date with her nowadays.

I love Michelle. She is organized. She anticipates. She is solution-oriented. She is well-mannered. She is honest. I like those traits in an event-staff. She gets things done. Its a joy working with her.

I respect Michelle as an artist. She is determined. She is passionate. She continuously educates herself. She tucks professionalism in her pocket. She has the talent, and she made me look good on my son’s graduation.



Michelle messaged me after seeing my Facebook post, saying that I posted the photo without lipstick yet. Oh yes, I did, but it looks good already, right?

I love her work. I am glad she  followed her heart. Success!

I wonder, is she is selling her pre-loved scrub uniforms to have more cash to buy make-up and other tools? She carries an all branded-expensive kit. She tells me they are the best, and I trust her for that.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar