I told the parents we needed a Tangled inspired pictorial.

They only want the best for their eldest daughter.

The celebrant is game.

Recipe for success.

So we scheduled an early morning shoot to avoid summer heat and harsh late morning sunlight. Although permits were reminded the day before, the Village’s association released it only on the day of the scheduled shoot. We started at 11am.

My team was ready: photographer and his light man cum driver, stylist and his assistant to put up the lanterns; hair and make up artist; wardrobe and personal assistant, and myself wearing a director’s hat.

The debutant was assisted to the tree. Ahhh, what a youthful styling! We are set to grind.

Join us in this photo shoot.”

I direct the subject and I look at test shots for perfection.

My style in directing for pictorial like this is “motivated acting.” One must have the reason why all these are positioned this way. Listen to me. Think. Act accordingly. Communicate with your body.

What comes out are authentic, unique, honest poses.

Having discussed everything during the pre-production meeting, I let everyone in my team to  independently perform their roles, yet each one is coordinated with the rest of the whole team.

Subject seems happy.

Time for a short fashion interruption: how do you like my visor, ring and dress? I like that its orange!

Let us proceed with the pictorial.

My life in events business. Three venues, seven hours, lots of bottled water consumed, hardly any time to re-apply sunblock, so many poses, overflow of ideas, one passionate group, and here is a sample of the finished product.

The rest of the photos will be shown during the event. Stay tuned, I will definitely do a live blog on www.zpostsmanila.com.

What did you say?  You want more, now? SSShhhh, ok, here goes:

Pretty lady, huh.

This pictorial has been very successful. I am positive the actual event will also be. I love what the day has given us. I love my job.

In Gratitude,


Bangs Zaldivar