My Stradivarius linen dress was perfect for my visit to Pinto Art Museum. Its cool as it is lightweight and the color did not blend with any of the backgrounds available for picture taking. I hope you like my casual and simple style today.

























Reminiscing the hours spent in swings, be it a public playground or school backyard























This visit pinched me a bit to be reminded of my long time wish to pick up paint brushes and splatter colors on canvass as an expression of my current state of mind. The artist in me!

The place is vast at 1.3 hectares, and this is just the first gallery. Will I be able to make it to all the galleries scattered around the property?

(sorry, these photos were taken using my phone. I failed to bring the memory card of my camera, such a no no for a blogger)
This is a cozy corner to stay, sip tea and daydream.
I love installation art. I wish someone would agree to have me make one for their lobby, store, or spacious foyer. I have some colorful ideas. But of course, I am the #womanwholovescolors
My genuine admiration to the owner of this property. One day, given the chance to interview them, I will ask a lot of questions to my satisfaction. Surely, I will share them with you. 
As an event organizer, my face lights up every time I see a cafe. There are several scattered around the place. I also visualized on how lovely my mini event would be if allowed to be held in one of the galleries, roof top, or gardens. That’s the #forevereventplanner in me.
Pinto Art Museum relaxed me. Dear readers, I urge you to include this in your list of places to visit. Relax with nature. Its good for the health and one’s total well-being. This place is away from the polluted areas of the Metro. Its terrain will give you a good work-out, without even noticing it.
There will be a visit number 2. That time, I shall pay attention to the artworks and note the artists.Watch out for it. Thank you for reading my blog.
In Gratitude,
Bangs Zaldivar