It’s that time of the week again when I review the current developments  and prepare for the next week to come. By the looks of it, it will be a very busy one.

November 7

:-) Meet up with my costume makers. Here, the pegs and a lot of instructions, are prepared already


:-)  :-) Attend to all matters pertaining to my November 19 wedding

:-) :-) :-) Gotta see a  gastroenterologist.  I’ve been having difficult acid reflux moments lately

November 8

:-) Attend to all matters pertaining to my November 20 wedding

:-) :-) Work on my 2017 stationery design with my teacher in calligraphy, Larriza Furio-Castro, who I met at Crafters Marketplace in Shangrila Plaza. I had a class there and oh my…I think I will need long long hours of practice before I can master it. Here are some photos of that #TheresAlwaysSomethingNewToLearn afternoon.


That’s Teacher Larriza


That’s the #womanwholovescolors


And these are my classmates who were all so good but I wonder if they pursued calligraphy seriously. 

 :-) :-) :-) Keeping my morning open just in case my gastro doctor will recommend me to do some tests, otherwise I will use my time doing my posts in advance

November 9

:-) Make planning calendar for my Masquerade theme event

:-) :-) Talk to my stylist for the January 5 event and search for crystals too!

:-) :-)  :-) Shop for gift for baptism on November 12

November 10

:-) Prepare details for my meeting with the Queen and the Princess. Yes, I am doing a royalty-theme debut. In fact, here is the Save-The-Date which I did with the talented graphic designer Ishel Mascarinas. Watch it:

:-) :-) Check out new fashion accessories to buy

:-) :-)  :-) Watch edited videos of past two events before submitting to clients

November  11

:-)  Initial meeting with prospective investors for a new venture

:-) :-)  Meet up with candidate staff for the new venture

:-) :-) :-) Fit my gown for my November 20 event

November 12

 :-) I am a Ninang for the baptism of my staff’s son. what I will wear depends on the temperature that day, and , my mood.

:-) :-) Buy and bake scallops, try out a new recipe for pancit, make pumpkin soup, all for dinner

:-) :-)  :-) Remind Madge of Jason for Emer

November 13

 :-) Attend Holy Mass with #myking and #zaldivarboys and my #FeelingYoungMom who is staying with us for now.

:-) :-) Invited by Ms. Katrina Ponce-Enrile of The Make Up Addicts to their event with Make Up Forever.


This is #BuhayEventsPlanner #BuhayBlogger. I love the way I am living my life.

Thank you, God, for giving my hands work to do. #ImSoHappyAndGratefulNow.

How about you. how does your coming week look like? Please, leave me a  note or comment below.

In Gratitude,