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Hello to all the truly wonderful women, the wonderfully wild women, and those in between. Im so happy and grateful that you came by.

I find joy in creating parties and events, colors, bling and all things spectacular. You’ll see me learning and sharing a lot of that stuff here.

I Love My Choco Almond Walnut Cookie

I Love My Choco Almond Walnut Cookie

I love cookies and I love ice cream, but since it was an hour to dinner, I just got myself a cookie and asked a bit of Jobo’s ice cream to taste. We were waiting for our 7:15pm dinner reservation after our Sunday mass so we walked around Eastwood new mall. As in... read more
Yummy and Beautifying Korean Treats

Yummy and Beautifying Korean Treats

My college friends and I decided to meet our Balikbayan classmate in Tagaytay. On our way there, we had all kinds of junk foods, courtesy of the car owner’s treats box. This crunchy thing and I hit it off so well at first bite. My friend said she got it from a... read more
Merry Month Of March

Merry Month Of March

It’s gonna be a lot of dressing up, eating, kissing, singing and thanking, as in the past years. Its the Merry Month of March.

read more
Time Is Gold

Time Is Gold

Oh well, I’m not early, my client is late but I’m not complaining. I get to play with my phone experimenting on its features. TIME IS GOLD. So if I put  P1million value to every hour I have, wow, I’m worth P24million everyday! That being said, I will... read more
Half The Price And The Calories

Half The Price And The Calories

…or maybe even more. Fresh green salad vs. my rice-viand dinner? I believe that’s more than 50% off the calories saved.   I am in the Ortigas area most of the time, next to Eastwood-Libis area for meetings and domestic concerns. When I am done before... read more
Nagbago Na Ako (I Am A Changed Person)

Nagbago Na Ako (I Am A Changed Person)

I have grown wiser. I’m now a saver. I now believe that there is always a less costly way. I have also accepted that not all higher priced goods are the best.   But some things just could not change with me.   I still want things fun, joyful and I... read more
Burger for Dinner

Burger for Dinner

                                                                           ... read more

Gratefulness to Bliss

This is my belief: If we consistently and consciously get into the habit of thanking people, circumstance, places, things, and ourselves for all things that come our way, it is already thanking God for he has sent all these. He arranged the Universe to bring us all... read more
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Be Joyful! Splash your life with colors. Believe that you can. Act Now.

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