Its been a loooooong while!

I made a number of statements at the start of the year, and put them under the heading: “This year I will make the following happen:”

Specifically THIS YEAR.

Definitely I WILL and nobody else will have to think about it,feel it, believe in it, do it.

HAPPEN they must, happen they will.

What about you? Are you still in the New Year’s Resolution thing? I have proven it to myself that they really do not bring results.

I hope you give what I am doing a try, and tell me about it as you attain success.

One of the things I am making happen this year is to look more, appreciate more, sort of have” time to smell the flowers,” to find reasons to be joyful everyday. While walking in the campus of Ateneo de Manila University, I caught the exhibit/installations of Bolipata. I suddenly remembered my classmate in college, Pretzels Bolipata. She was on fun companion! When she left for the United States to continue her studies and to be with her brother, I sorely missed her.

So I walked through and appreciated the artworks. Take a look.

Walking and seeing these got me humming…

But the best part was and it always will be:

I know you have your own heart’s desire.

Desire them.

          Dream about them.

                    Then wake up and DO what it takes to make them happen.

Dreams Do Come True. I know that’s why I’m so happy and grateful for the life that I have now.

In Gratitude and With Joy,