My family had lunch at  KhanZu, a Chinese noodle house, one Sunday. We enjoyed the meal and that deserves another post. When we went out of the restaurant, we saw this cafe beside it. It is impressive from the outside, we thought we’d have dessert there. But we were going to meet somebody after lunch. Rain check then.

The week after that, we went and we asked Drigs and Jobo to bring their school materials so they may study there. They did and what we experienced was pure joy. My children were so at home, they were studying, and yes of course, they were eating! My hubby read all the newspapers as he was sipping his coffee., and I was busy taking pictures so I could share them with you.

Marcos Highway Momma Brown



Momma Brown cupcake

pastries from Momma Brown

family time

Momma Brown's pastries

Jobo for Table for Four

That's Jobo feeling so at home


Drigs for Table for Four

Studying, doing his homework

Bangs Table For Four

That's me agreeing



That's my honey.


cool cafe

Reading the walls kept me busy for a while


bangszaldivar is glad to be here




joyful bangszaldivar

Today and everyday...

If you live in the Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina area, this is an ideal place for meetings and as meeting  place. Momma Brown is not just delightful to the palate, it is also a visual experience.

How did you like the photos I took?

By the way, while in Momma Brown’s, I thought about and planned my posts. Since we always dine out, why don’t I write about our food adventures  and add as a section Table for Four. Hmmmhmmm, it sounded so exciting! Here, now, is my first.

Would you come again and read about Zark’s  burger in my next Table for Four post?

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar