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A gift from Samantha, this riding boots has been with me for over a year. It is so special as I was told she bought it using her own salary. How sweet is that! How thoughtful of you, Samantha. And you know what else, she bought two pairs, the other one for her. Oh, i wish I had a photo taken of the two of us. I hope hers will still be ok when I see her next time, either she comes to Manila for vacation, or my family goes to the US to visit them.











Bangs Zaldivar is ready to go

It was a lunch date with a client. But calling her a client now might be an understatement. After handling several of their family events in all of 14 years, I believe I can claim that we are already super friends











revolving restaurant date

































Decorative greens at the entrance made a nice backdrop for my #SOTD











I came across my green SheBangs brooch just recently, and since I missed wearing it, I thought of putting together an ensemble where I could incorporate it. But I also felt wearing my riding boots so this is what I came up with.


















































































Once a client, now a dear dear friend, also a shoe lover. Look, its not just a shoe, honey...its Prada.































































She invited Zaldy and me for an early wedding anniversary treat. Oh my, yes, Zaldy and I are almost 19 years married.





On the side of this #SOTD post, we went to take a quick look and say hello to her new car. Wow!

grace got new car

We sure look great together, huh! My feet (and boots) are raring to go in.































Photo op with new car






























Till the next post, I hope you have a great day.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar


Here is another look at my #SOTD. And by the way, where we had lunch was an amazing discovery and it sure deserves another post, so watch out for it.

Bangs Zaldivar brown boots

riding boots went to lunch