My boys are away for an average of ten hours on weekdays. When they come home in the afternoon or early evening, when I am home, they come to me to give me a peck on the cheek. Then I would either ask them how their day went or tell them that food is ready. Drigs is the type who answers my queries with a little story. Jobo will not volunteer any info on how his day went, so I always ask further. Zaldy, almost always asks for dinner right away. Different folks, but I am always happy to see them back in the house, and I love them all.

In the morning, whenever I can, I get up and personally prepare food that they can bring. Don’t be too impressed. Its just sandwich, and its not even hamburger.  But just sandwich as it is, I try to vary it, to add extra cheese, to make more, to cut the filling bigger, and to do whatever I can so that they will feel my love even more.

This napkin caught my eye when I was checking out the H&M branch at Robinson’s Magnolia. I was out to look for tops, but as I am the woman who loves colors, this naturally made me smile.

Wow. I thought of my sons and my honey. I thought how they will find the simple cheese sandwich that I will wrap with this napkin. Will it taste any better?


I never hesitated that they are floral. I did not think of what they will think. I just went ahead and imagined once more. What will they think when they read what’s written.

Will  Zaldy say “…you are too,” referring to me, of course.

I have a feeling Jobo will say in his mind, “I know…”

Drigs, on the other hand, might not notice as he will go straight to unwrapping the sandwich and eat right away.

what a joy to have this treat for 99 pesos only



I do not care what they say or  what they think. The pleasure is mine. I am happy doing it. And I believe we all must not be doing something in anticipation of the recipient’s appreciation. If it feels good to have done something special, that feeling is the reward.”

Next time you go around the mall, remind yourself to pick something for your loved ones. It does not matter even if it is only P99.00. When you are happy with your act, that is priceless.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar