I love Ilocos Empanada.

I discovered Pancit Cabagan just a few years back when I went to my province.

I enjoy breakfasts of original Aparri longaniza.

I eat bagnet with my very own sawsawan of bagoong, kamatis, onion and kalamansi.

I cook pinakbet and inabraw.

I oftentimes crave for tituno.

I believe kalabasa is very good for eye health.

I have eaten ludong a few times and I want people to enjoy it too.

I think you will love freshly made tupig.

I am missing dudol.

Have you ever eaten poqui-poqui? How about ginisang kabatiti?

The region where I grew up is an interesting one.

It is up in the North.



Yes, I want to have my own food business and it shall be called that…NORTE!

I saw this on Graphic Design and Typography board on Pinterest. Is this a sign for me from the Universe? Does it mean GO!!! Will it prosper?

Will you try Ilocano cuisine? Will you come and eat? Will I see you there often?

Ahhhh…I am excited. God now is moving so Norte will be a reality soon!

You are invited to the grand opening, and every time you crave for the best food from the North. Feeling positive, feeling guided.


In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar