Coconut water is my all-year-round drink

I grew up drinking coconut water from coconuts picked from its plant just outside my grandparent’s house. I know the taste of water from freshly picked coconuts from those that have been sitting for quite a while. The sweetness is refreshing.

From where I live now, I have the luxury of freshly opened coconuts during store hours. The husband and wife proprietors are ready to open one depending on my request for the day. Some mornings I want soft meat with lots of water. After tapping the coconuts, they are able to pick the ones with soft meat and lots of water! During lunch or dinner, I like my coconut with more meat, so upon request, they pick.  They impress me again and again.

Coconut water is my next best drink to pure, clean water.

When I eat out, it becomes a challenge. But my latest discovery is that Vita Coco is now being served at Starbucks.

coconut water may now be enjoyed anytime, in most places

I ordered it one time when I went to Starbucks alone and wanted to be in my lonesome self.  Often I would request for a glass with ice. I would enjoy half of the contents drinking it pure, straight from the carton. I do this to enjoy its taste.

Love Love Love coconut water

Then I pour the other half onto the glass with ice. I then sip it slowly, enjoying the cold, exhilarating moment I call “me-time, ” or “celebrating with me.”

What about you, how do you spend your “me time?” How do you like the idea of celebrating with yourself? It’s invigorating. Its exhilarating, like a pure coconut water. Try it once. You will get hooked. Share your experience, please.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar