The recent holiday meet-ups brought me to new places. I like it…its business with pleasure. I conduct business at places I have the pleasure of visiting. Here is one place my other event friends and I decided to check out. I pass by it many times a week and it looks neat from the outside. Well lit at night, and open so early in the morning, it intrigued me. So we went to Tokyo Bubble Tea, Katipunan Branch. It was



           The stairs led to the 80-seater second floor that I feel will be great for small parties. It has its own comfort room so that’s pretty comfortable. It has a veranda for smoking guests. I immediately wished to do a party here.

A Tokyo Bubble Tea server will present two menus with wide selection. It took me over 10 minutes to zero in on what to eat. Well, it was worth my review. I liked what I got.




Then again, after a meeting in Tektite Tower, Ortigas Center, I felt starved at 3pm having had just a little breakfast and no lunch yet. I headed off to Ming Bistro & Bar. It was only my second time here, but first time to be dining alone. I was craving for noodles.

Mean-In-One! Ming’s fried noodle is so neatly formed I hesitated to mix it. I asked my server to mix it for me, after I took a photo of it.

It was filling even for a starving event planner that I was. Lunch and afternoon snacks combined at 3pm, I still had the other half for my honey to taste. He had it two hours later and oftentimes noodles do not taste as good anymore. But he it was still delicious. We gotta go back and taste the other viands.

hungry after presenting 1 Zaldivar Events

Late lunch at the West Tower of Tektite, Ortigas Center, Ming Bistro and Bar

What restaurants did your business meetings take you? Would you please share…

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar