We are about to graduate from sending to high school our eldest. He will be graduating this March 30 and I am almost sure I will shed a tear or two again. I was not able to help it in the past, even if they were just school programs where my sons are participants, crossing over rite or reading of honors. These activities are time to thank all forces of the Universe that make it possible. I always pray that they be kept in the company of positively enthusiastic friends and classmates, so I in my mind I thank his classmates and friends. Teachers, moderators and coaches who make them think and do things beyond their normal levels must be thanked for for their extra push. Family members such as their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are also shared the feeling because in so many ways they help us see our children through. I also say a prayer of thanks for our co-parents who are Class Parent Representatives because, wow…their task is formidable. I truly love our co-parents who have become our friends whether our sons are still classmates or not anymore, whether they are still teammates or not anymore, and even those who we do not see too often anymore. They have become very much part of our sons’ school life, and our life as parents.

Ateneo High School recently held a family thanksgiving night with a 70’s theme. Our soon-to-graduates as well as parents were the stars of the night.


First a Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Ampil, one of my favorite figures in the Ateneo High School. I always learn from his homilies. That afternoon, he recited a poem which he translated together with Mr. Ron Capindig, the APSA Head entitled Bigyan mo ako, Panginoon.

It starts with this:

Bigyan Mo ako, Panginoon,

ng anak na kayang kumilala ng kanyang kahinaan,

at kanyang harapin ang kanyang sarili sa sandali ng pag-aalinlangan.

Here is one of my favorites:

Dulutan mo ako ng anak na hindi mapapako sa pangarap ang gawa;

Anak na kumikilala sa iyo, at ang pagkilala sa sarili,

ang kaalamang naghahatid sa iba pang kaalaman.


Here is another one:

Dulutan Mo siya ng pusong mapag-kumbaba,

upang lagi nyang matandaan ang ka-payakan ng wagas na kadakila-an

ang ka-lawakan ng wagas na pag-unawa

at ang ka-hinahunan ng wagas na lakas.


Bigyan mo ako, Panginoon was written by General Douglas MacArthur and it ends this way:

At kapag nangyari ‘yon, – Mahal Na Ama.

aking mawiwika, bilang kanyang Ama, at bilang kanyang Ina,

“Wari ko’y hindi maging walang-saysay

yaring buhay na inalay upang anak ay magtagumpay.”

Beautiful, isn’t it.

Till the next post.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar