Look what’s in the Balikbayan Box!



Unwrap. Smile as you do.
Bite. Do it with poise.
Drink. Or sip.
Drink. Or sip.








At the time I post this, the sender, my sister-in-law Winnie, and her daughter, Sam, are already back from their Paris escapade. Cheers!

Last week my youngest son told me ” Mommy, I want to learn about investing.” When I was 17 years old, I was thinking where to get more cash to buy the shoes in fashion. Cheers!

Last May 3, my other baby was put up for public appreciation. www.zpostsmanila.com Cheers!

Just now I get a word that Athena Prieto Valdes is turning 10. Planning and organizing her baptism party is still fresh in my mind. Cheers!

Today, I will sit down with veteran photography- expert, Richel Mascarinas, to seriously learn photography. Never too old to start. Cheers!

What about you, what will you drink to, today? I still have a few bottles left. Just let me know and I’ll be at your door knocking, with these:

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar