To say that twenty years ago I embraced my new role as housewife is too boring a statement. In truth and in all seriousness, I embraced it so tightly and I wore a hat so big, unique and colorful, with pride! Twenty years after, nothing changed. Yes, I have mastered a few housekeeping chores, avoided a lot, still learning some,gave up on a number of things, and willing to experiment again and again until I perfect those that I like. But I still enjoy it the way I used to, and yes, my housewife hat is definitely my favorite. It is still big, unique and colorful.

I have collected so many home what-nots through the years that one time as I was to buy another piece, I had to slap ( yeah, that’s exag…but do you get what I am saying?) myself and say “stop it, Bangs! Not another one! ”

I avoided the home section of any department store for a year. I did not go to the regional fair in Mega Mall as well as in Rockwell.

Well, last Sunday, after mass, I needed to buy a plastic basin. I went to True Value in Eastwood but found none. So I looked around and I was already mentally buying a lot. I missed the store. There were so many interesting items who were all pleading that I bring them home. But I am disciplined. I am tough. I do not need anything. I am only buying a plastic basin. That is all I needed. Then, these screamed at me!!!!!!

Astounded, I quickly went near it. Then I felt I was in a trance. That yellow, like the yellow dress I was wearing, was a charmer. I touched the blue and it felt so fine. I was overwhelmed. The green stared at me and I was mesmerized. The fushsia…before I could even define my feelings for it, I was already holding the whole bunch!

These are dishcloths, scrubber kind of  dishcloth. Well, I use dishcloths, but not scrubber dishcloths. Twenty years of being a housewife and home maker and I survived not needing a scrubber dishcloth. Whatever special function it performs, no one in my family complained and said that I should have used a scrubber dishcloth. So a dishcloth is a dishcloth, and whether its scrubber or not, does not make a difference. But the fact, still, is that, I feel I need to have these.

Ok, for now I agree with anyone who will accuse me of being an impulse buyer. Yes, but for a very good reason. All these four for only P150.00. Imagine what they will do to me and to my household, to my family and to our guests who will see all these colorful beauties.

That’s it…the colorful stuff. The stuff I can’t resist. The want that becomes a need. And all because I am a housewife who enjoys colors. I am the woman who loves colors. Have you seen my hashtag #womanwholovescolors!

I have all the reasons, don’t I? Let me hear you…

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar