I will make something good out of what I have.

Some three or 4 years ago I purchased a Canon S90 as recommended by my niece, Abby. I wanted a camera that I could use to document the behind-the-scenes of my event and of course, to take pictures of my three men. It served me well, but not very well.

It served me well because I now have used several memory cards where I can always go back to for photos I need for my blog sites. Not very well because so many of these shots are, to say the least, not sharp. It served me well because I have received countless compliments for my camera. Not very well because I, the owner, is always surprised to hear it. It served me well because its relatively old already and yet it is still serving me. Not very well because I have not really learned how to use it.

Who reads manuals?

I. DO. NOT. READ. MANUALS of anything, until its broken and I try to repair it for immediate use. Or, I bring it to the repair shop, then I DO NOT need TO READ the MANUAL, thank God!

Do you read manuals of your newly purchased washing machine, air fryer, toys, or computer table? I do not.

So what do I get?


During my recent trip to Romblon, I relaxed and enjoyed everything that came to me. There, while lying on the beach enjoying sunset and while waiting for the stars to shine, I thought of me, me again, and also me. I have never had that moment, not that I can remember. Oh well, maybe I have had in distant past. Or yes, perhaps I have had such moments, but its different when you own the sunset, the time, and the energy that comes from the sand and under. That’s when I decided that for this year, for real, I will learn 3 things. One of which is how to take clear, sharp photos.

In the meantime, I had to make do with my Samsung Note 3 for my photos. On good days it is kind to me, on bad days, it acts as diva. Just look!


What do you think of this? Is this a good one? I think it is. (on the side, I like to have a big lot so I can grow bougainvilleas is all colors)

 And what about this?

 And this?

You think so? Really??!!!

Well, if you ask me, I think this is delicioussssss! Tupig kayo dyan?!! Ilokano ako, and I love tupig.

Back to my topic, I declare, I am never too old to start learning. For now, its how to take clear, sharp photos out of what I have, my Canon S90.

Visit my site again soon. And please leave a word so that I know you came by. Thank you.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar