woman who loves colors


I was just going to buy a few staples in Unimart yesterday, but as usual, I ended up with so much more. No regrets. These are just so colorful not to notice.

There we in one corner where a lot of people passed by


I noticed these beauties right away. Then I imagined if I get them we will have the most delicious water in the morning. I thought I would fill them with water and put them in the ref overnight. When morning comes, these will greet my men. I imagined Jobo will get the blue—forever blue. Drigs will think of UST, thus he will get claim ownership of the yellow one. Zaldy will then choose between the red and the green. He will think red will be best mine so he will use the green.


they all come with cover

Then I thought it would make great containers for the kalamansi juice sweetened with honey which I planned to make for Sunday. Ohhhhh wow! So one by one I loaded them in my cart.



No guilt at all, even if they were not part of the staples I first intended to buy. Why should I be, they are on Sale. Originally at P145.00, they are now at P75.00 each. No guilt. No regrets. Just pure delight.

I left a lot more for you. Plan to go to Unimart today and have colorful days ahead.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar