Starting today, I will regularly do a Balikbayan Box post. You see, my family is a regular recipient of items coming from balikbayan boxes. Every now and then we have friends and relatives who come from overseas and would have us partake of what is inside a balikbayan box. We are never into asking for pasalubong so what is given to us is really very well appreciated.                                                                                                                                                 Lotion in the Balikbayan Box

Thoughtful Jo Paz



To be thought of gives me so much high. A person has so many friends and relatives. To have an item with my name on it means super. It really is not the gift, it is really the thought.

I remember when Jobo came home from his first day of school in Grade 7. He pulled out a stone from his pocket and told us that his friend went to Germany during the summer break and gave him a stone as pasalubong. It probably comes from one place mystical or historical, perhaps a popular tourist spot. But what we appreciated is the fact that he is one of the recipients of the stones his classmate brought home, which could not be one big pail plenty. It is the thought!

Gift in the balikbayan box

Pasalubongs make me reminisce

Jo Paz is a cousin-in-law. Her cousin was once married to my sister. Although that marriage has long been broken, I still hold her dear in my heart because of the person that she is. She migrated to Canada and for the many many years that she was there, she came home just once or twice. On both times I missed seeing her. But she sent me her pasalubong through my sister. Awwwww…

February 2014 Balikbayan Box

Pasalubongs bring me to a beautiful state of thanksgiving

I thank God for people like Jo Paz, specially that she inspired me to start a regular post on Balikbayan Box. Pasalubongs bring me to a beautiful state of thanksgiving, and I liken a balikbayan box to a cornucopia, a symbol of prosperity of the one giving, making that person so pleased to share. Balikbayan box is abundance shared, and because they just keep coming (to us), a balikbayan box is like curnocopia as goods come to us endlessly.

In Gratitude,

Bangs Zaldivar