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I pray that EventsWithBangsTV will be recognized as a show that is humongous in content for those looking for inspiration and push to be unique. I also look forward to helping a multitude of readers in finding and creating joy not just for themselves but for others.


This is currently created and produced by me until such time that I will be able to form and afford a team to help me out.



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Be Joyful! Splash your life with colors. Believe that you can. Act Now.

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  • Good morning after a rare 8 hours of sleep zaldivarboyshellip
    2 weeks ago by bangszaldivar Good morning after a rare 8+ hours of sleep  #zaldivarboys   #theirqueen 
  • Currently under these for breakfast my metime Its Independence Day!hellip
    2 weeks ago by bangszaldivar Currently under these, for breakfast, my me-time. It's Independence Day! Thinking of peace, war, bullying, discord, unity, nation...and how forgiveness of oneself, respect, true patriotsm, fear of God, attitude of gratitude, and love for self can be the answer to many situations in our world
  • Softest yummiest in the reclamation area
    4 days ago by bangszaldivar Softest yummiest in the reclamation area
  • Fun at work eventswithbangs
    3 days ago by bangszaldivar Fun at work  #eventswithbangs 
  • 20!
    10 hours ago by bangszaldivar 20!

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Its a joyful-everyday-life we have when we give, share, and do good.